The Eagle Huntress

Director: Otto Bell (2016) BBFC cert: U

A teenage girl soars in this inspirational and jaw dropping documentary.

Thirteen year old Aisholpan is from the nomadic Kazakh tribes of Asia. She faces formidable obstacles as she trains to  become the first female to become an Eagle Hunter.

It’s a centuries old, male only occupation which involves stealing an eaglet from its eyrie and training it to hunt foxes. While on horseback. In the snow. In the mountains.

The schoolgirl is brave, determined, skilful, and modest as she climbs, rides, and practises. She does so without complaint, a smartphone or a social media account.

Competing in a tournament against seventy bemused and fearsome looking blokes, she  challenges tradition and ignorance.

It’s beautifully photographed, skilfully edited and brilliantly told. ‘You are awesome’ says her father on the eve of her first tournament. And she is.


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