Gimme Danger

Director: Jim Jarmusch (2016) BBFC cert: 15

This energetic, informative and even touching documentary is a raucous celebration the career of the wildly influential proto-punk band, The Stooges.

Fronted by drummer turned singer Iggy Pop, his provocative stage persona saw him perform semi-naked in silver marigold gloves and a red dog collar. They recorded three blistering albums in an unruly six year period before imploding in 1973.

The band invented stage diving, were banned from gigging by their own record company and suffered arrests, addictions and deaths.

A relaxed, chatty and surprisingly lucid Iggy regales us from a gold throne with a couple of human skulls in attendance. He discusses his trailer dwelling childhood, is sweet about his parents, realistic about his lyric writing ability and scathing of music industry management.

Director Jim Jarmusch keeps the energy levels up with footage, photos and animations and lots of great music.

It’s the bands story in their own words so there’s no one to offer an indictment of their behaviour. Which in the words of Iggy, was ‘pretty damn rocking’.





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