Gary Numan: Android In LA LA Land

Director:Rob Alexander, Steve Read (2016) BBFC cert: 15

1970s synth rock superstar Gary Numan is the very human subject of this refreshingly candid and entertaining documentary.

We follow the surprisingly engaging singer as he decamps from England to LA to reboot his career in the internet era.

A meteoric rise aged 21 with global hits such as Cars and Are Friends Electric? was followed by years in the industry wilderness, massive financial problems and a fall out with his manager, his dad.

Super-fan wife Gemma proves a dab hand with a soldering iron as she keeps their three daughters entertained in their new home. In true rock god style it looks like a castle.

Numan talks with endearing humour and self awareness about the challenges of performing live while coping with Aspergers, depression and anxiety attacks. And the music sounds electric.



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