Where To Invade Next

Director: Michael Moore (2016)

Shambling satirist Michael Moore acts as a one man invasion force of Europe in this typically funny and thought provoking documentary.

With the US having failed to have won a war out right since the second world warm, he feels he can do better without spending billions of dollars for little tangible success.

Rather than steal oil he aims to capture the most progressive cultural ideas and take them back home to the US. So he shuffles of to Italy for sex education, France for the food, Germany for productivity and Iceland for gender equality.

Moore praises European attitudes in order to condemn existing practices in the US. Bold graphics and TV footage mingle with his meetings with teachers, chefs, police officers, company CEO’s and the President of Slovenia.

This is a rose tinted view of the EU you may not recognise from the Referendum debate or personal experience.

Despite Moore’s view of the US  it ends on a note of flag waving optimism. However it’s noticeable how Moore doesn’t consider the UK worthy of invasion.


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