My Big Fat Wedding Two

Director: Kirk Jones (2016)

After the collapse of their economy and the migrant crisis, it’s mystifying what the Greeks have done to have this sorry sentimental soap opera sequel inflicted upon them.

Alongside the original cast, Nia Vardalos returns as Toula, a middle aged martyr to her large, bickering Greek family who all live in the same Chicago street.

Her teenage daughter wants to move to New York, her marriage is sexless and caring for her parents takes up all her time and energy.

The only funny moment in the 2002 movie occurred when screen husband to be John Corbett fell off his chair.

Sadly no such comic gold is mined here. There’s some confusion concerning a marriage certificate, lots of discussion of what it means to be Greek and an immediately resolved gay subplot pops out of nowhere.

Watching this is like being forced to attend a wedding of people you don’t like and are reduced to wondering about the footie scores and what time the bar opens.

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