Director: Kevin Reynolds (2016)

With Easter nearly upon us, this biblical story of Roman soldier finding Jesus has been sent to test our faith.

It’s a respectful if cheap looking plod along the sea of Galilee.

As the Lord Jesus risen from the dead, Cliff Curtis cures the occasional leper but otherwise it’s all far from miraculous.

Joseph Fiennes plays a Roman Tribune called Clavius statined in Judea in AD 33.

Having defeated Barabas in battle, is sent by Peter Firth’s Pontius Pilate to make sure a local revolutionary dies on the cross.

When three days later the body of Jesus goes AWOL, Clavius converts to Christianity and goes on a mission from god to spread the message of love and peace.

Better known as Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, Tom Felton is Lucius, an ambitious aide sent to hunt Clavius.

Everyone involved should say three Hail Mary’s as penance.


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