Cert 15 Stars 3

Two likeable stars buddy up in this high concept comic book crime thriller which barrels along with glossy special effects, strong production values and is peppered with plenty of action and an abundance of larger than life characters.

Giving movie star charisma to a workaday script which leans heavily on their talent and presence to hold our attention, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are a former soldier and a maverick cop, who are reluctantly united in trying to find the former’s missing daughter.

Her disappearance is connected to gangs who are flooding the city streets with a new illegal super drug called Power, whose good trips can give you superhero speed, strength or other powers, but a bad dose can see you explode. It’s worth watching for the ice women, the flaming man and the chameleon guy.

They guys are accompanied by a young teenage street hustler called Robin who demonstrates her talent for freestyle rap, a hell of a thing for actress Dominique Fishback to attempt in front of Foxx, who won an Oscar for playing jazz and blues music legend Ray Charles.