Cert 15 Stars 3

It’s a busy year for Liana Liberato who starred in last week’s tragi-drama To The Stars as a free-spirited new girl with a tricky romantic life, whereas in this enjoyable High school romcom she plays err, a free-spirited new girl with a tricky romantic life.

To be fair she’s terrific as Clara who breezes into town and hooks up with a newly single hot bloke while becoming best friends with his ex, April, played by Hannah Marks.

A heartfelt, honest, funny and an optimistic account of female friendship, the best scenes involve the foul mouthed arguments between April’s feisty younger sister and their down-with-the-kids mum.

A trawl through bowling alleys, amusement arcades and house parties while they indulge in alcohol, drugs, road trips and beachfront shenanigans, and it’s all soundtracked by bands I’ve never heard of, yet it’s also energetic and straightforward with enough inventive staging and charm to distinguish it in a crowded field.

And so what if they’re all sex and relationship status-obsessed narcissist? They’re teenagers.