Cert 15 Stars 3

A kitchen sink drama on four wheels fuelled by the romantic spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, this low budget British opts for urban decay over the epic majesty of his turbo-charged tunes.

Taking it’s title and inspiration from The Boss’s classic rock album ‘Born To Run’, an industrial fishing port in Aberdeenshire offers plenty of scope to explore the restrictive and soul sapping mundanity of working class life.

Mark Stanley is a barely articulate ball of anguish and frustration as Finnie, the youngish head of a family of five who is struggling with grief, pregnancy and poor prospects.

Desperation takes him on a late night joyride around his hometown streets fuelling his dreams of leaving town forever.

From the window of Finnie’s souped-up Ford Fiesta, writer-director Scott Graham’s third feature casts an almost documentary eye over the local nightlife.

As you might expect, the sound design is great and mixes grime, upbeat techno, 1990’s pop, and of course Springsteen’s magnificent hymn to petrol-powered freedom.