Cert 12A Stars 2

The gorgeous vistas of the North Yorkshire are the best reason to see this meandering and melancholic British indie drama, which sees three kids on the run from their murderous uncle when he returns from eight years in jail.

They take a pair of seaside donkeys with them as they set off across the moors to find refuge with their estranged mother.

As the surrogate mother to her younger siblings, sixteen year old Angie is older than her years, and  young Molly Windsor brings a stubborn reserved dignity to the role, as she tries to corral her bickering siblings, played by the game Macy Shackleton and Rhys Connor.

Mark Addy, Lee Boardman and Tara Fitzgerald play the ineffectual adults in a loosely plotted and underpowered tale of neglect, alcoholism and greed.

Sadly there’s a struggle to generate humour or tension, and the tone is unsure, getting lost somewhere between the 1970 classic The Railway Children, and the nightmare of Terry Gilliam’s 2005 dark fable, Tideland.