Cert PG Stars 3

John Cena completes his journey from angry WWE wrestling star to harmless Hollywood leading man in this amiable, sentimental and knockabout family comedy.

As Jake ‘Supe’ Carson, he’s a control freak firefighter who’s determined to live up to his fathers legacy as he leads his small rural and dysfunctional team.

But his ambitions of promotion are threatened when he rescues a trio of kids who must take refuge in his remote fire station during a storm.

This isn’t a film where the plot holes are important, pop tunes jolly everything along, and the mild action scenes which top and tail the film are decently staged.

Young kids will enjoy the slapstick, poo jokes and the musical tribute to My Little Pony cartoons, the presence of comedy actor Jordan Peele will make you chuckle if nothing else will, and dog lovers will like the slobbering hound called Masher.

It’s all a bit Kindergarten Cop meets Home Alone and though Playing With Fire won’t set the world alight, it might temporarily warm your cockles.