Cert 12A Stars 3

This unique Second World War satirical black comedy is armed with the best of intentions and takes potshots at intolerance, indoctrination, hate, Hitler, and the stupidity of war, but too often fails to strike the funny bone.

Roman Griffin Davis is a wonderfully assured young presence as ten year old JoJo, who at a Hitler Youth camp learns to burn books and hate Jews, suffers an accident and is invalided home to his mother, a brilliant if briefly seen Scarlett Johansson.

Thomasin McKenzie is just as great as Elsa, a Jewish girl whom JoJo discovers hiding in his home, which causes him to question the wisdom of his imaginary friend, Adolf, played by Kiwi writer and director, Taika Waititi.

I didn’t laugh at his vampire comedy, What Do We Do In the Shadows, and his Marvel superhero adventure, Thor: Ragnarok is only the second best Thor film. Honestly, it’s not me it’s him.

However this is his best work, and if you enjoy his wacky sensibility, you’ll probably enjoy this more than I did.