Cert 18 Stars 2

Violent and bloody from the off, this action thriller is a sadly predictable and pedestrian vehicle for it’s motorbike riding star, Olga Kurylenko.

Ever since her breakout role in James Bond’s 2008 adventure, Quantum of Solace, she’s struggled to find a signature role, but is always industrious and does her best in straitened circumstances here.

As a leather-clad former army special ops agent gone AWOL and working as a London courier, she finds herself on the run with a government witness she’s trying to protect from gangsters and corrupt police who want him dead.

Having played a hapless bystander caught up in events in Dave Bautista’s 2018 football thriller, Final Score, and currently on TV in BBC’s His Dark Materials, Amit Shah is the hapless witness who mostly cowers while she rolls with the punches.

Gary Oldman is the criminal mastermind trying to orchestrate murder from his New York penthouse, and sporting an eyepatch, facial scars and a smoking jacket he occasional rouses himself to shout a bit, possibly for the want of a decent script to distract him.