Cert PG Stars 3

This globetrotting animated caper from the makers of the Ice Age franchise is an enjoyably glossy, slick and silly romp which bolsters its wacky premise with the voice talent of two of Hollywood’s most popular stars.

Will Smith riffs on his Men In Black persona as Agent Sterling, a tuxedo wearing super spy who likes to fly solo on missions, but forced to team up with the socially awkward scientist who turns him into a pigeon.

He’s played by Tom Holland who delivers a variation of his boyish wide-eyed enthusiasm familiar from his Marvel superhero, Spider-man.

When Sterling is framed for the theft of a prototype assassin drone, they’re pursued by former colleagues while chasing the robotic-armed real villain.

Among the gadgets, cars, and submarines, secret bases, there’s lots on fun facts about pigeons and puke and poo jokes aplenty.

It’s an inclusive celebration of everyone who’s ‘weird’, a code word here for the differently abled or transgender, plus there’s nothing festive about it, which is another good reason to watch it.