Cert 15 Stars 3

Terrorists, far right politics and racial tension make for a grim vision of Europe’s near future in this realistic and somber Danish thriller.

Set in the year 2025 within the Arab immigrant community of Copenhagen, it’s the strong and promising directorial debut feature of Danish-Iraqi scriptwriter Ulaa Salim, who draws earnestly on his own experiences to give a moody authenticity.

Issues of masculinity, loyalty and identity are explored as the drama favours strong character work and slow burn tension over pulse quickening action, plus a strong use of colour gives proceedings an unhealthy sheen, echoing the sick state of Danish society.

One year after a major bomb attack in Copenhagen, the impressionable Zakaria, and the older and more worldy Ali, respond to the racist attacks on their neighbourhood with their own brand of militant action.

But when they target the ‘Sons of Denmark’, the paramilitary wing of a far right party, lead by an ambitious politician, they become involved in much bigger political games which are to have a devastating effects on their lives.