Cert 15 Stars 3

Three great performances power this oddball indie drama which offers a lyrical exploration of fatherhood, written by and based on the childhood of its star, Shia LaBeouf.

It’s a deeply personal role which is clearly as much therapy as an acting job, and best known for being in Transformers franchise, he’s far better in small films such as this, where he plays his own ex-con, sex-offender, alcoholic dad.

Two younger actors play LaBeouf, with Noah Jupe being remarkably accomplished and affecting as the 12 year old LaBeouf, a child actor and very much the adult in their complex, violent and tender relationship,

Their inverted relationship has mental health repercussions for the very angry 22 year old LaBeouf, played by Lucas Hedges, who spends his time in rehab, recovering from PTSD caused by his traumatic childhood.

This is a sincere, passionate and understanding tribute to a troubled father from an equally troubled son, and the scene where LaBeouf gives a heartbreaking articulation of the pain of fatherhood nearly brought me to tears.