Cert 12A Stars 3

There’s a lot to enjoy in this glossy,  glamorous and goofy action comedy, which  reboots and updates the fondly remembered TV detective show and the Cameron Diaz films of twenty years ago for the kick ass 21st century.

The strong, sexy and smart new team are played by former Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, who’s aided by two Brits, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, Naomi Scott, and the upcoming Ella Balinska.

As secret agents working for the now global Townsend Agency, they’re tasked with hunting down assassins who’ve stolen a device which will revolutionise the power industry.

Elusive mastermind Charlie is represented by a multitude of Boseleys, which is a rank not a name, the most important one being played by the busy writer and director, Elizabeth Banks.

Despite being a celebration of equality and independence, it also embraces its 1970’s DNA with a cameo from one of the original angels, and a not so secret base which resembles the military wing of the Playboy mansion.