Cert 15 104mins Stars 3

This amiable, sweet and life affirming self/improvement comedy drama jogs merrily along full of sweat, perseverance, and second chances.

Jillian Bell is a nicely abrasive presence as the immature and unhappily overweight Brittany, who has a dead end job, high blood pressure and low self-esteem.

Told by her doctor to lose weight but unable to afford a gym membership, she starts to run the mean streets of New York and soon sets herself the seemingly impossible target of completing the local marathon.

And as she gains fitness she finds her social, romantic life improving, but it’s one step forward and two steps back as her self-defeating sense of inadequacy, difficulty in accepting help, and a toxic friendship put her off her stride.

It’s an inclusive exercise with a charming supporting cast which includes Michaela Watkins and Utkarsh Ambudkar, but be warned, you may find yourself inspired to pull on a pair of running shoes afterwards in solidarity.