Cert 15 99mins Stars 3

Ten years after Emma Stone gave life to the undead fun in the first infectious zombie comedy, the Oscar winner reunites with her original co-stars in this equally knockabout and sarcastic sequel.

Once more Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg ride shotgun as the bickering trio race from the White House to Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in pursuit of Abigail Breslin.

She’s run away from home with Avan Jogia’s hippie, and there’s romance to spare with Rosario Dawson’s gunslinger, and a perky in pink airhead, Zoey Deutch.

There’s a new mutant strain of super strong zombies to deal with, plus also coming back from the dead is Ghostbuster Bill Murray, who has another cameo as himself, despite being killed in the first film.

Billed as from the writers of Deadpool and the director of Venom, it certainly shares those film’s DNA, with gleefully bloody violence, an irreverent tone, pop culture jokes and a love of muscle cars and monster mayhem.