Cert 15 102mins Stars 3

Fans of 1990’s Aussie rock band, INXS, will enjoy this sympathetic and generous documentary of their late frontman, who died aged only 37, in 1997.

As so often the case, objectivity and criticism is sacrificed for access, which means those queuing up to offer an opinion are his nearest and dearest who unsurprisingly only praise his sensitivity, showmanship and talent.

They also offer excuses for his poor behaviour which included drug use, temper tantrums and popularising lycra board-shorts as fashion wear.

Ex-squeeze, Kylie Minogue makes a sweet and fresh-faced contribution, and Irish rocker Bono crowbars his way in to offer no great insight.

Former supermodel and ex-girlfriend Helena Christensen offers the only surprise, explaining how a random assault on Hutchence led to brain damage, which is suggested contributed five years later  to his depression and death, officially recorded as suicide by hanging.

His music career was already in a funk by the time his traumatic relationship with married TV presenter Paula Yates dominated the headlines, and for all their success, INXS only made one great album, Kick, a song from which gives the film its name.