Cert 15 140mins Stars 3

This honourable historical epic about King Henry V sadly gets bogged down in it’s own solemnity, and is closer in tone to Russell Crowe’s dour 2010 Robin Hood than Shakespeare’s rousing play from which it’s drawn.

A former Oscar nominee, Timothee Chalamet is great as he transforms from shaggy-haired playboy prince to ruthless warrior king with a haircut as severe as his attitude.

Robert Pattinson plays a prince with an outrageous French accent and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose, pops in to be pimped out.

I suspect actor Joel Edgerton has written and produced this purely to put his curiously humour-light portrayal of Sir John Falstaff on screen, with Shakespeare’s famous tragi-comic cowardly drunk reimagined as the King’s Aide-de-camp, master strategist and noble fighter.

The combination of politics, plotting and medieval mud should appeal to Game of Thrones fans, but it’s a long trek to get to the bloody fields of Agincourt in France where Henry fights his most famous battle.