Cert 15 88mins Stars 4

A pack of wild dogs terrorises an orphanage as Lord of the Flies meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in this throat-ripping coming-of-age horror fable.

Freed from a Nazi concentration camp in German-occupied Poland in 1945, a gang of  nearly feral teens and kids are dumped in a large country house with little food or water.

As the eldest, Hanka tries to create a semblance of order and family life for the psychologically damaged brood, they have to defend themselves from a ravenous pack of German Shepherd dogs, trained to kill by their now dead Nazi guards.

Never exploitative of and always respectful to the horrors of the Holocaust, the the tense stand-off is underpinned by a faith in the resilience of humanity to defeat its worst demons.

With a bold concept, fresh location, cracking sound design, terrific performances and a script which keeps you off balance, this is a disturbing and scary thriller to sink your teeth into.