Cert PG 102mins Stars 4

Isabela Moner makes for an agreeably cheerful heroine in this breezy live action adaptation of long running animated kids TV series Dora the Explorer, a smart, brave, and relentlessly optimistic soul, who finds herself in the South American jungle looking for her missing parents.

She’s accompanied by an inclusive trio of squabbling students who she meets while dog eat dog world of US high school, and is chased by bad guys looking for a fabled city of gold.

A cute and mischievous monkey called Boots is rendered in not great CGI, while much better are the hallucinogenic plant spores which allow for a trippy old school cartoon throwback to Dora’s animated roots.

All the more fun for feeling like a kid friendly caper version of classic action adventure, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, stuff about teamwork, eco-awareness and education is hidden among the tunnels, traps, and poisonous frogs, but it doesn’t slow down the often rollicking fun.