Cert U 99mins Stars 2

A young woman goes on a quest to save her little brother in this depressingly unambitious musical animated adventure based on the kids plastic toys and aimed at easy-to-please five year olds.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Gabriel Bateman play siblings Marla and Charlie, who begin as real people but are magically changed into living toys when they’re transported into an animated realm full of pirates, cowboys, vikings and dinosaurs.

Despite this seemingly difficult to get wrong premise, it quickly runs out of energy, interest and fun.

Taylor-Joy has been terrifyingly great in dark horrors such as Split, and The Witch, and isn’t fazed by the change in gear required, bringing bouncy enthusiasm and gloss to the weak script, which offers Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe a one note supporting role.

When I was a kid Playmobil were always second choice to LEGO, and in terms of technical expertise, animation, songwriting, warmth and humour, this lags a long way behind either LEGO movie.