Cert 15 100mins Stars 2

There’s not much to be scared of in this supernatural horror based on the teen party game.

It manages to play safe and break its own rules, making for a dull and confused experience.

Fresh from TV’s Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale leads a group of hot young students are inadvertently involved in a deadly game of truth or dare, masterminded by a malevolent Mexican spirit. 

If they lie, fail a date or refuse to play, they will die. Despite this rock solid premise, the script foolishly messes with the formula.

Despite the high premium on looks during casting, this is an oddly sexless affair, while the bad guy’s lack of a physical presence makes him anonymous.

Plus it’s wildly derivative of movies such as Final Destination, Saw and many more, while failing to be as entertaining as any of them.

Increasingly silly without ever being scary, grisly of funny enough, it’s a lesson in selfishness for narcissistic millennials.


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