Cert 15 112mins Stars 3

Climb aboard this sentimental OAP camper van caper, in which there’s never a danger of going full throttle.

It’s fuelled by the decades long goodwill afforded to its talented actors, Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. He hits the open road on a literary pilgrimage to the Florida Keys, and she’s riding shotgun.

They are a convincing married couple, full of affection, frustration and forgiveness. Neither are in great health, he’s losing his memory and she’s popping pills by the dozen.

As the story ambles along through some lovely scenery, secrets, lies and misdemeanours are revealed.

There’s more oomph to the story than the trailers suggest, delivering magnificent melancholy and quiet poignancy alongside some broad comedy.

And it addresses the physical infirmities of ageing, the importance of motorhome maintenance, and the terrifyingly by state of private care homes,

It’s a thoughtful journey and takes care to remind us of the importance of dignity in life and death.

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