Cert 12A 103min Stars 3

This preposterous high-concept action thriller has a stormingly simple does-what-it says-on-the-tin premise.

However the promising riff on ‘Die Hard in a thunderstorm’ makes occasional heavy weather by tacking on a cumbersome sibling reconciliation subplot.

Led by Ralph Ineson’s Irishman, who fails desperately at not impersonating Alan Rickman, a criminal crew attempt to steal $600million in used notes from a secure federal facility. 

To do so they’ve kidnapped a local engineer, so his mild-mannered meteorologist brother teams up with a hard-ass Treasury agent to rescue him and prevent the heist.

Toby Kebbell and Maggie Grace give their performance some welly as the storm of the century rages all about in its remarkably cheap-looking CGI glory.

And if you find your attention wandering then the belt and braces script provides frequent reminder of what’s going on.

As it’s simultaneously available in cinemas and on TV’s Sky Cinema channel today, you don’t have to get your hair wet to watch the fun.


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