Cert 12A 97mins Stars 2

Once is more enough for this repetitive romantic fantasy which squanders its intriguing premise.

It’s a high-school riff on comedy classic Groundhog Day and TV’s Quantum Leap. But it fails to generate any humour or sustain our interest.

Australian actress Angourie Rice is confident and likeable as Rhiannon, a 16-year-old who falls in love with a spirit who wakes every day in a different person’s body.

They’re a nicely inclusive mix of gender and races, but the central idea of beauty being skin deep is challenged by the frequency with which her soul mate inhabits hot boys.

And Rice is hamstrung by having to play against a revolving door of opposite numbers. Nor is her character established beyond being generically sweet and caring, while subplots are conveniently resolved or forgotten.

Though Every Day captures the ability of teenagers to treat every event with absolute intensity, it sells its audience short by failing to turn the experience into a drama.



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