Cert 15 93mins Stars 4

Log-on to this chilling, relevant and ingenious online based horror sequel from the producers of last years Oscar winning, Get Out.

Connected to 2014’s original, Unfriended, only be concept, we watch in real time as the action takes place via computer screens, smartphones and multiple social media platforms.

One of the party of bright and attractive twenty-somethings has bought a glitchy second-hand laptop to join his friends on their internet games night.

When he hacks into the previous owners accounts, it leads them all into the illegal online world of the dark web, where blackmail, torture-porn and murder is bought and sold.

We’re cleverly sucked into the voyeurism and paranoia while being warned of the perils of data sharing.

Ripe with identity theft, photo-manipulation, people tracking, spyware and malware, this is an accessible, immediate, inventive, smart and scary treat.

Plus its so of-the-moment it’ll probably be out of date by next week, so see it right now if you dare.

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