Cert 15 92mins Stars 2

Suitably somber yet uncomfortably slow and stage bound, this supposedly provocative child abuse drama fails to ring any alarm bells.

A thirty something turns up at the workplace of a former neighbour who abused her as a thirteen year old.

The script tries hard to keep us guessing as to her motives and whether he was a repeat offender or a lovesick regular bloke who suffered a monstrous lapse of judgement.

Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn is pleadingly pathetic and American star Rooney Mara expertly suggests a torrent of emotion under a fragile facade. She’s also required to bare her breasts with box office friendly frequency.

Their accents occasionally lapse from generic English as they discuss at the past at graphic length. In a faintly preposterous manner they are ploddingly pursued around a cavernous warehouse by his angry boss.

Then we have to suffer a silly descent into thriller territory before the downbeat and unequivocal finale.

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