Cert 15 117mins Stars 2

This disappointing female buddy espionage caper has a couple of half-decent action scenes but is firing blanks whenever it aims at comedy.

Bad Mums star, Mila Kunis, has charm to spare as a hapless thirty year old singleton whose secret agent ex-boyfriend persuades her to deliver a computer drive containing terrorist information to a contact in Europe.

Chased by the CIA, MI6, various gangsters and a Russian gymnast-turned-assassin, she endures a series of shoot outs and car chases along a predictable route of European capital cities.

Unfortunately the intensely irritating Kate McKinnon tags along as her sidekick, and the Ghostbusters reboot actress deploys her ineffective improv repertoire of silly accents and gurning faces.

Dumping her entirely wouldn’t affect the plot, would speed up the film and make for a more entertaining experience.

The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson is dleiciously deadpan in a glorified cameo and demonstrates when it comes to being funny, less can be a great deal more.

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