Cert 15 111mins Stars 3

Explore the poverty which sits in the shadow of DisneyWorld in this bleak trailer trash drama, rich in raw immediacy and social commentary.

Brooklynn Prince gives a wonderfully uninhibited performance as a six year old left to run riot around her down at heel motel home during the summer holidays. 

YouTube star Bria Vinaite is extraordinarily brash in her film debut as her thuggish single mother, and Willem Dafoe brings weary kindness as the motel manager forever chasing for rent.

Their neighbourhood is a badly maintained parody of the fantastical resort she lives next to but is far too poor to ever visit.

Rarely finding danger in the appalling child neglect and squalor he’s so keen to show us, director and writer Sean Baker instead seems to delight in the behaviour of his socially disenfranchised subjects.

He celebrates their chaotic lives with the enthusiastic air of documentarian David Attenborough discovering something fascinating in the undergrowth.

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