Cert 15 98mins Stars 3

Fans of TV’s The Inbetweeners will love this brisk and raucous comedy centred around the heady pursuit of fleshy pleasures at a musical festival.

There’s not much which is original but it’s played with impressive gusto, is full of laugh out loud moments, is surprisingly sweet natured under all the sex jokes, and filming at the real Leeds festival lends an impressive scope.

It’s directed by Iain Morris, who wrote the TV show and spin-off movies, and features the series’ star, Joe Thomas, as Nick. He’s a clueless graduate who learns some self awareness when accompanying his best friend on a wild weekend of mud, booze, pain, and cringing embarrassment.

Another series regular, Hannah Tointon, plays Nick’s ex-girlfriend with whom he makes a misguided attempt to woo back, and suffers various indignities in the process.

Nick’s weekend loses all control when a sexy festival-goer dressed as a smurfette force feeds him drugs. Something which can happen to the best of us.





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