Cert 18 121mins Stars 4

Fame hurts in this sharp-eyed slasher movie which will appeal to the UK’s army of fans of Japanese animation.

Mima is the lead singer of a manufactured pop trio who leaves the band to retool her career as a TV actress, in a serial killer series.

She becomes the target of a vicious campaign to persuade her to rejoin the group and extreme under pressure she soon finds it impossible to tell reality from fantasy.

The story touches on ideas of cyber stalking, identity theft, the dangers of celebrity, social media inspired violence and the exploitation of women actresses by older men.

And for a twenty year old film made before I had an email address, it’s remarkable it was able to predict these dangers with such chilling accuracy.

As Mima’s life descends into a stream of full frontal photo shoots, illicit webcams, letter bombs, rape and grisly murders, rape, it becomes far more blue than perfect.

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