Cert U 104mins Stars 1

The Lego Movie set an astonishingly high bar for films based on kids toys, and this animated musical fantasy is mostly a load of old pony.

As the horsey inhabitants of Equestria prepare for the Festival of Happiness, their rainbow coloured land falls under the evil rule of the Storm King.

So Princess Twilight and her friends trot off to recruit the queen of the Hippogriffs to help free their land.

We should celebrate a female dominated adventure which teaches the values of sisterly support and self reliance.

But jokes about branding, trade marks and multi-tasking are doomed to sail over the heads of its presumably very young target audience.

And the lacklustre uninspired animation is barely TV standard. Plus the songs are forgettable, except the one about being awesome. Now where have I heard something similar?

Avid young fan of the toys may enjoy it, but everyone else should say neigh.


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