Cert 15 99mins Stars 3

Put yourself in a spin with this dark and twisted British thriller.

Toby Jones plays a seedy gardener who can’t see the whole picture when he wakes up on the floor of his low rent high rise home.

Carl has a hangover, broken furniture and a dead woman in the bathroom. Meanwhile the police are investigating a local murder.

Veteran Geordie actress Anne Reid creates a wonderfully opaque performance as his mother who arrives unexpectedly and is decidedly unwelcome.

With the focus is on mystery and a sense of dread instead of graphic shocks, the dated set design and technology further confuse the jumbled time frame. We begin to doubt our own perception of events.

With its fear of sex, mummy issues, spiralling staircases and threat of violence, the script could have been ghostwritten by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. 

But for all for all the glowing individual details, there’s less going on here than at first meets the eye.

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