Cert 12A 110mins Stars 3

Amy Schumer discovers beauty is only skin deep in this amiable body-swap romcom.

As Renee she’s insecure about her looks, stuck in a dead end job and is single.

After watching Tom Hanks’ 1988 comedy classic, Big, where he played a boy trapped in a man’s body, Renee suffers concussion.

Waking up she believes she’s been magically transformed into a different and super-sexy woman, only not having really changed at all.

Now amazingly confident Renee quickly acquires a dream job, a boyfriend and a glamorous lifestyle, but risks losing her old friends.

Four times Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams is scene-stealingly brilliant as Renee’s breathless beauty-brand boss, working overtime to compensate for the acting talent of co-star models, Naomi Campbell and Emily Ratajkowski.

Schumer is a gifted comic and an engaging presence who delivers a stronger performance than the messy script deserves.

Though by singing the praises of personality over physical perfection, it proves it’s heart is in the right place.


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