Cert 12A 97mins Stars 3

Reese Witherspoon and Michael Sheen are two of my favourite actors and possess such quantities of warmth and talent they can turn even this nonsensical romcom into enjoyable entertainment.

Though neither are stretching themselves, they understand what is demanded and deliver with will practiced expertise.

Playing separated parents of two adorable daughters, she is sexy, sparky and vulnerable while he is vain, selfish and sly.

In a vote of confidence for middle aged mothers everywhere, Witherspoon is lusted after by the three hot young filmmakers who have moved temporarily into the guest house of her sumptuous villa home. 

This forces her errant husband to reconsider his life choices.

Being set in the wealthiest part of Los Angeles where the sun always shines, this escapist fantasy of female empowerment has only a passing relationship with the world as we know it.

Still it’s a sweetly sentimental and occasionally funny place, which is pleasant enough to visit but I’d never call it home.


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