Cert 12A 113mins Stars 3

Roll over and be tickled by a hoard of adorable puppies and cute kids in this gentle ensemble family comedy.

It’s a warm and wildly inoffensive stroll through sun-kissed California in the undemanding company of its rainbow cast. 

High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens plays a coffee shop waitress who makes puppy eyes at the hot vet who works across the street.

But when the New Tricks Dog Rescue Centre faces closure, she grooms a community spirit among the Various lonely and unhappy locals.

They include Finn Wolfhard’s pizza deliver boy, who was probably cast for his name, Nina Dobrev’s TV host and Eva Longoria as a newly adoptive mother. Plus a stoner musician and his sister, who’s a mother of newborn twins.

I’m allergic to dogs and babies, but if you’re a dog loving parent with kids and a high tolerance for treacly sentiment, I guess watching this you’ll probably be as happy as dog with two tails.

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