Cert 15 102mins Stars 3

The breathtaking honesty which fuels this US documentary is dampened by a disquieting sense of exploitation.

This is a funny and sad story follows the widowed 48 year old Dina as she adjusts to life with her new husband, Scott.

It’s a universal story of two people struggling to communicate while addressing their sexually compatibility and arguing over the household budget. Though not at the same time.

However Dina suffers from a neurological disorder and lives on disability benefit, while Scott has Aspergers syndrome.

Although they’re adults and legally able to consent to take part, their very different levels of emotional maturity makes for uncomfortable viewing. Watching certain scenes feel alarmingly close to voyeurism.

Plus at times the filmmaking smacks of trailer trash tourism, a tone at odds with the sweet nature of the participants.

With deeply troubled personal histories complicating their lives, you wonder if they fully appreciate what it means to have shared quite so much on camera.

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