Cert 18 111mins Stars 2

Everyone but committed action fans should dodge this bullet. If this anonymous espionage thriller possessed any sense of its own preposterousness, it would be a lot more fun.

Four screenwriters wrestled with Vince Flynn’s novel before this version was rushed into production last year.

Dylan O’Brien has bland boy band looks and is good at the physical stuff, but he’s otherwise forgettable as a vigilante recruited as an undercover agent by the CIA.

The 66 year old Michael Keaton gives a teeth baring turn and makes every else look pedestrian as the ferocious team leader.

The 007 style plot offers lots of pretty European locations as the boys chase a van-load of weapons grade plutonium.

There’s an absence of romance and little humour among the hard hitting blood spurting violence, which is eventually abandoned for nonsensical waves of CGI destruction.

Women are immaculately attired or naked, and they’re always disposable. Much as this film is.

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