Cert 15 108mins Stars 4

Have your attention overtaken by this jaw dropping exploration of the famous Williams motor dynasty.

The Godfather of racing documentaries, it’s full of relentless ambition, danger, depression, financial skulduggery and death.

Born in 1942, Frank Williams was raised by an aspirational single mother from Jarrow. A racy romance resulted in marriage to a posh British product of a Swiss finishing school and together they set about conquering the world of racing.

We see the fallout of his children’s feud to be his successor as the team’s boss. Plus there is a high morality rate as several drivers die on the track wearing the Williams livery, not least Brazilian ace, Aryton Senna.

The classical strains of Bach add to the epic feel, lengthy timeframe and global sweep of the drama. 

There is humour, honesty and little self pity as participants reveal more than perhaps they intend to, making this an eye opening and entertaining watch until the chequered flag.

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