Cert U 86mins Stars 1

Breathtakingly cynical and creatively bankrupt, this is staggeringly dull kids animation adventure is a money pit for the unwary.

Three years ago The Lego Movie proved it’s possible to create cinematic magic out of humble toy bricks, so making a film featuring the icons of smartphone text-speak no longer seems outrageous.

But this desperate advert for expensive smart phones is rocket fuel for young kids’ pester power, and is devoid of the charm, wit, warmth and energy which made The Lego Movie such great fun.

When the upbeat ‘meh’ emoji is threatened with deletion for crashing its owners phone, it teams up with a Hi-5 and a codebreaker emoji to escape to the cloud where they hope to be rebooted. 

James Corden, Patrick Stewart and Christina Aguilera are among the voice talent who should be ashamed of themselves.

At best it’s as much fun as watching someone else play Candy Crush on their phone.

#Angry face. #Poo.

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