Cert 18 117mins Stars 1

Splashing around buckets of blood isn’t enough to give life to this brainless low budget British zombie action horror.

A crack army unit have seventy two hours to rescue a scientist from a quarantined London, which has been overrun by heavily armed criminal gangs and viral induced zombies whose lingering memories of their humanity means they can use automatic weapons.

The enthusiastic cast are drawn from the ranks of pro-wrestlers, martial arts champs, models and bring your-own-zombie-costume amateurs, but very few actors.

They stomp their way across a wretched wasteland of low level video game-style action scenes, agitated editing, saturated colours, cardboard characterisation and deathless dialogue.

Laughably poor from start to finish, the unintentionally funny line ‘we’re here to evacuate you’, carries far more threat than any of the bad guys manage to achieve.

A huge debt is owed to Danny Boyle’s magnificent, 28 Days Later, and I feel bad even mentioning the two films in the same sentence.

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