Cert PG 87mins Stars 1

This ferociously poor animated adventure is a beastly trap for unsuspecting parents hoping to entertain their own little monsters at the start of the summer holidays.

A young teen discovers he turns into a sticky-palmed monster whenever he’s over-excited. This forces his father to explain they’re not human after all and are really from a secret island of monsters.

So the boy does a bunk and sets off to find his long lost mother, encountering a mildly evil scientist and other vaguely creepy and stupidly annoying characters along the way.

Underneath the skin of the barely TV standard animation is a message of accepting the skin we’re given.

But we’re not listening because it’s poorly dubbed by a voice cast you won’t have heard of, is devoid of laughs and has less mystery and intrigue than an episode of Scooby Doo.

If my 6 year old is naughty, I’m going to threaten to take him to see it.

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