Cert 18 121mins Stars 4

Nicolas Cage unleashes his full satanic fury in this gleefully violent 1980’s throwback revenge horror.

He plays a lumberjack sharing a simple rural life with the sweet natured Mandy, played at her otherworldly best by my favourite Geordie actress, Andrea Riseborough.

She’s kidnapped by a transit van driving sex cult called, The Children of the New Born, who are aided by a psychopathic and drugged-up biker gang.

So a demented Cage pursues them across a blood red landscape with a crossbow and a homemade axe.

Even with his outrageous screen presence at full tilt, Cage still seems the most sane presence in the knowingly over-the-top slaughter which follows.

With inventive deaths, animated interludes, full frontal nudity and a tiger called Lizzie, it’s a delirious assault on the senses as we accompany Cage on his descent into damnation.

And add in more buckets of blood than the last Carrie remake, this is the new Nic Cage film you’ve been praying for.


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