Cert 15 92mins Stars 4

Mixing biblical visions with an apocalyptic survivalist thriller, the great strength of this harrowing horror is in its refusal to offer any but the most basic information.

This creates an almost maddening sense of mystery and mistrust in everything you see and hear. But in a good way.

A small family are scraping a low tech living in a large isolated farmhouse. Strangers are not to be trusted, or preferably gagged, tied to a tree, and left outside overnight.

But the family’s guard is lowered when another desperate family move in. The scarcity of resources becomes even more of  an issue, and the young mother attracts the attention of the quiet teenage son.

The strong cast includes Joel Edgerton, Brit actress Carmen Ejogo, while Elvis Presley’s grand-daughter Riley Keough adds another impressive performance to her burgeoning career.

There’s a lot of traditional creeping about in the dark with guns, plus murderous hillbillies with shotguns, which is always a bonus.

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