Cert 15 94mins Stars 3

I was a young teen when I was first exposed to Morrissey, frontman of Manchester indie band, The Smiths.

Dancing on Top Of The Pops with a bunch of daffodils up his arse, he caused foul mouthed derision from parents all over my working class home town of Middlesbrough.

Not that it would have bothered him much, as the singer despised his own working class upbringing and just about everyone connected to it.

This intimate portrait covers his life from a teenager in 1976 up to his forming The Smiths with guitarist Johnny Marr in 1982. And heaven knows he was miserable then.

Enduring life as a lowly tax clerk, the monumental ego dreams of stardom and of being the new Oscar Wilde.

Jack Lowden gives a wonderfully wounded and sullen performance as the pretentious and self entitled wannabee.

The soundtrack is lively and fabulous but fans of Morrissey’s music may feel themselves shortchanged, as his music isn’t used.

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