Cert 15 86mins Stars 3

US documentary in which director, writer and artist David Lynch discusses his formative years from 2016 and released now to cash in on his new series of his surreal drama, Twin Peaks.

It’s a potted biography of his seemingly idyllic childhood and takes us up to the creation of his first feature film, Eraserhead.

Dressed in black and sporting an impressive silver coiffure, he chain smokes his way though with the distracted air of a debauched priest.

He’s never challenged or cajoled and it’s hard not to snigger when he tells of the dream which inspired him to create ‘moving paintings, with sound’.

Not without ego and occasionally humorously blunt and seems to have no other interests beyond art.

The documentary makers hold him in high regard and it’s assumed we know all about his long career in film and TV, of which we are told practically nothing.

Possessed of an industrious nature, Lynch had a morbid fascination with violence, fear and dismemberment from an early age, was encouraged by his loving parents to express himself, and enjoyed the patronage of an influential local artist.

There are no clips or discussions of his films or TV shows. We see a lot of him painting, drawing, cutting and drilling with a variety of materials and we’re treated to a succession of increasingly nightmarish surreal images.


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