Cert U 89mins Stars 4

Your kids will wet themselves with laughter at this wildly imaginative animated superhero movie that rivals The Lego Batman Movie for non stop fun.

It’s based on the brilliant and hugely successful children’s books, and is powered by buckets of goofy charm and gallons of potty jokes.

George and Harold are prank loving best friends at primary school, who hypnotise their over-authoritarian headmaster into believing he is their home made hero, Captain Underpants.

Meanwhile new science teacher Professor Poopypants has a nefarious plan to rid the world of laughter.

There’s a tangible sense of friendship between the pupils which carries the film through a breathless parade of gags, musical numbers, heists, battles, romance and toxic school dinners.

Throughout it all is an emphasis on kids’ love of drawing, writing, music and general creativity and the importance of education and educators.

With more pee pee jokes than you can shake a stick at, you should watch this at your earliest convenience.

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